Blackmores Sales Positions


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Assistant Key Account Manager

Business unit:   Asia – China

Reports to:   Ecommerce Head

    • Both digital marketing and KA management are preferred, Candidate from Little Red Book is also preferred. 

    • Support & ensure effective execution of sales, promotion, advertising, AR and distribution activities at Little red book and Yunji
    • Support Blackmores merchandising and consumer education activities at Little red book and Yunji

    • Contribute to Blackmores China market expansion and sales management through Little red book and Yunji

    • Coordinate and manage the relationship and sales with Little red book and Yunji

    • Provide timely collection, analysis, reporting and forecasting of sales data by products & by month

    • Monitor and review product segment performance against budget and forecast, and instigate remedial action to minimise adverse variances (close the gap)

    • Manage and coordinate with distributor to ensure timely implementation of updated product and price list 

    • Manage compliance with all legal, statutory and corporate requirements and manage exposure in these areas

    • Follow procedures, policies and controls to support achievement of national Sales, Marketing & Profit objectives 

    • Facilitate successful new product launches

    • Collaborate with & support national & Asian marketing team on competitor analysis, consumer research, new product concept development etc.



Business unit:  Sales-Trade Marketing

Reports to:  Trade Marketing Manager

Position Description: Design online materials for routine show-up and crucial campaigns, including products’ detailed information, DM, and offline POSM as well.


    • Design of materials for both online and offline channels regarding demands of internal KAMs and MKT, principally on the below,
    • Maintain regularly home page of online flagship store and detailed information pages of free trade zone products, including NPDs’ show-up and removal of invalid products.
    • Assist ecommerce KAMs in demands of page design of activities like tailor-made events/ annual campaigns to drive brand awareness, e.g. super-brand day/anniversary on key EC platforms such as Tmall, Kaola, VIP, JD etc.
    • All kinds of offline POSM designs.
    • Effectively contact with external agencies/producers (design, media, search engine, etc.) to launch/produce suitable campaign materials in time. 

    • College degree or above, preferred with major of graph design
    • Experienced in digital design of over 2 years, background in international company OR FMCG industry is preferred.
    • Have fundamental aesthetics and basic understanding of health care category
    • Capability of 3rd Party agency communication
    • Be comprehensive and have strong internal and external communication skills
    • Skilled in Photoshop and other drawing softwares, average on Microsoft Office software


EC Marketing Supervisor

Business unit:  Sales

Reports to:  EC Head

Indirect Reports:  Sales Director


    • Work with internal team(especially brand marketing team) and corporate Internet team to drive consumer interaction
    • Lead and Develop online activity to drive brand awareness, e.g. super-brand day/anniversary on key EC platform, including Tmall/Kaola/JD/VIP and etc,
    • Develop and update online calendars, Deliver company’s Ecommerce sales target and ensure health Ecommerce business development.
    • Develop deep understanding to key competitor online strategy and programs
    • Effectively manage key agencies (design, media, search) to build strong partnership and ensure service quality and initiatives
    • Develop and manage budgets for projects, monitor costs, and provide status reports on a regular basis
    • Work closely with e-Commerce department and venders

    • Lead and brief with design agency to work out suitable campaign page and fulfil for E-activity

Travel: 10 % of the Time 

    • EC sales team
    • Brand MKT
    • Operation/finance
    • Kaola
    • JD
    • VIP
    • Design Agency
Requirements & Competencies

Education and Experience 

    • At least 2-3 years of successful business development & experience in eCommerce Channel Marketing/Creative design/Marketing/EC flagship stores
    • International company MT/ EC platform experience/FMCG channel marketing/TP Creative is preferred

Specific Knowledge

    • Understand EC Business, and Brand Communication
    • Basic Marketing and CRM Knowledge
    • Capability of 3rd Party Agency Management 

General skills 

    • Good Computer Skill, Especially on photoshop or other drawing software Microsoft Office
    • Good Spoken and Written in English and Mandarin
    • Strong Communication Skill, both Internal and External
    • Logical Thinking


Sales Manager-East

Business unit:   Asia – China

Reports to:   National Channel Head

Position Description
    • 管理华东区域经销商,协助经销商管理零售客户,同时具备独立开发客户和渠道的能力,针对不同渠道的客户制定销售计划,完成年度目标
    • 负责签订经销商的年度协议,并制定年度目标,根据经销商覆盖的零售客户申请公司品牌授权,并监督经销商的授权使用情况
    • 重点客户的谈判和维护,根据公司策略及客户需求合理安排促销计划,推动生意发展
    • 落实执行公司在地区的重点项目,维护产品在零售终端的品牌形象,发掘市场机会点并有效实施
    • 经销商订单落实,跟踪到货进度,管理应收款以及促销费用,及时核销经销商代垫费用
    • 定期完成相应的管理报表,包含经销商的月度进销存数据,未来3-6个月的产品需求预估,促销费用申请预提等
    • 通过公司内部培训学习,能够针对性的对经销商及零售商进行产品知识培训和讲解,传达品牌诉求
    • 能够承受压力,积极融入公司团队,同时也具备独立工作能力
    • 定期根据业务情况按时进行数据整理分析及工作汇报,针对问题点制定改进措施

    • 32岁以下,本科及以上学历
    • 5年以上快消品行业销售经验,有经销商管理经验者优先
    • 能熟练运用office软件
    • 基本英文交流,具备良好的沟通能力以及跨部门协作能力
    • 能够接受出差


Sales Assistant

Business unit:   Asia – China

Reports to:   Sales Director

Position Description: 协助销售部经理完成销售部门日常事务工作。


    1. 本科毕业
    2. 个性外向,英文读写流利
    3. Office软件熟练应用
    4. 可接受实习生


Operation Supervisor-JD

Reports to: Ecommerce Manager-JD

Indirect Reports: E-commerce Head

Position Description: As part of the Jindong business, a member of the FTZ team.


1. Responsible for the operation of the store, planning and reporting of
promotional activities;
2. Pay attention to inventory and ensure the health of the inventory;
3. Develop and efficiently follow up the supplementary process;
4. Follow up on daily sales data and conduct a reasonable analysis of the
5. New products launch in the channel;
6. Coordination and communication of daily customer complaints;
7. Optimization and transformation of stores and detail pages;
8. Effective communication between departments;
9. Working location in Beijing

Requirement 1. At least 2~5 years E-commerce working experience;

2. Ownership;
3. Be an Entrepreneur;
4. Excellent communication and writing skills;
5. Excellent learning ability;
6. Problem solving with a vigorous eye for detail;
7. Time management skills;
8. Team members;